Yoga and Pilates

Yoga is an ancient exercise that helps to shape the harmony of the body, mind and soul.
Pilates is a miraculous system of movements which is beneficial for both body and soul.

Group Exercises

Group hours for a maximum of 8 people take place at the gym in Charkovská Street 333/5 (entrance from Donská Street) in Prague 10.
Please book your place on phone or SMS: + 420 777 203 032
The reservation can be cancelled no later than four hours before the lesson begins.

Individual lessons

A personal trainer is of great importance for individual needs of each individual. Thanks to an individual approach, you can take full care, learn the right technique and watch your every move.
Both yoga and Pilates are very specific exercises that require precise design and full concentration.
A personal trainer will guide you through your constant attention to the perfect performance. With this method you will see and especially feel the effects of exercise on your body and relaxation in your mind.
There can be up to 4 people in this lesson.  The lesson can be cancelled within 24 hours in advance.

Services for businesses

Offer your employees a non-traditional and simultaneously versatile benefit in the form of massages or exercise in the workplace. The choice of massage depends only on you. It is possible to arrange a one-time event and regular attendance to your company. Individual program and price offer on request.


Removal of accumulated fatigue, relaxation of muscle tension, stretching of blocked back by gentle technique, breathing exercises, shaping of the body, detoxification of the organism and regeneration.
  • Regeneration massage

  • Indian anti-stress head massage

  • Release techniques

  • Deep fascial massage

  • Manual lymphatic massage


Support in dealing with difficult live situations, cleaning, settling and healing of energy pathways.

  • Hypnotic and communication therapy of Milton H. Erickson

I was born on March 4, 1979 in Prague.
Zodiac Signs: Fish. Sign of the Chinese Horoscope: Goat. Life number: 33/6.

Education, institutions, courses and workshops that I have completed:
Yoga in broader contexts focusing on the health aspects of yoga in the spiral Yoga system and the traditional yogic techniques of the school B. K. S. Iyengara

Atma Vikasa Centre of Yogic Sciences Mysore, India:
–  Atma Vikasa following course (2011)
–  Certificate of Excellence – Intensive teaching Course (2009)

Pilates-Body Education
–  Modification in Pilates
–  Pilates with tools
–  Prenatal Pilates and specialized workshop Pilates in pregnancy

FISAF Aerobic & Group Fitness instructor

FISAF Specialized Courses:
–  Muscle Conditioning
–  Aerobic Dynamic Kick Box
–  Pilates I./ II. (lecturer: Mgr. Hana Císařová-Hofrichtrová)
–  Welness Balantes

Dexter academy (Michal Dusil):
–  – Masseur for sports and reconditional massages
–  Indian anti-stress head massage
–  Release techniques (Stanislav Flandera)
–  Lymphatic Massage (massage school: Keep Fit)

Prague Psychotherapy Faculty (2006-2009) – Seminars in the study:
–  Dance and Movement Therapy
–  Communication Skills
–  Nonverbal Techniques
–  Demonology of the Desert Fathers

Education and Training Institute Hermes Prague (2009-2013)
Self-experience training “the hypnotic and unhypnotic communication Strategic psychotherapy of Milton H. Erickson”.