Regeneration Massage is mainly used to remove accumulated fatigue. They occur during the release, muscle regeneration and elimination of fatigue. Their other importance is predominantly preventive, contributing to better muscle regeneration, preventing muscle shortening and increasing momentum.

Indian anti-stress head massage focuses on releasing the tension of the muscles of the shoulders, neck, head and face. It is an anti-stress massage that relieves headaches, eyes and relaxes movement in the shoulders and neck. It helps to remove mental fatigue, irritability, emotional stress, is suitable as complementary therapy for depression and anxiety. It creates a sense of calm and wellbeing. It also promotes hair growth and improves quality.

Release techniques are used to loosen and stretch the blocked back by gentle technique and breathing exercises. Relaxes muscle spasmss that cause misalignment prevents joints by pulling them. It can be recommended during blockades of the joint, displacement of the pelvis, back pain caused by the spin of the vertebrae, in chronic articular problems and to compensate the statics of the body.

Deep fascial massage – fascia covers all the various structures of the body – muscles, organs, nerves and blood vessels. They form, shape and maintain their integrity. It forms an envelope, responsible for maintaining all structures and the anatomical shape of the entire body down to the level of individual cells. They support a complex network of veins, lymphatic vessels and nerves. This gives the specific and deep meaning of fascia for the whole organism.
Indications: stress, post-operative and post-traumatic conditions, contusions, induration, scars, adhesions

Manual Lymphatic Massage is a delicate tactile technique oriented to the lymphatic system. The aim of this massage is to improve lymph drainage. It is suitable for treating cellulite, to slimming and to skin treatment in general (acne, psoriasis, wrinkles). It is recommended to support the immunity and detoxification of the organism. It is suitable as a cancer prevention. It is used to treat swelling conditions, even after injuries or surgeries (after the scar is healed). It positively affects headaches, migraines and the prevention or treatment of already established varicose veins.