An ancient exercise that helps to shape the harmony of the body, mind and soul. People practice yoga for thousands of years to feel calm and harmony in themselves. During the yoga exercise, we are more aware of our breathing and our body’s cooperation with our minds. Yoga also helps to be healthier and happier thanks to vital life energy that flows through our entire body.

Yoga in broader contexts focusing on health aspects in the system of traditional yogic techniques according to B. K. S. IYENGARA. Iyengar is the first to incorporate tools, which are initially perceived as promoting equilibrium, in more advanced lessons to help you understand and improve your positions.

ATMAVIKASA means self-knowledge and is a system that applies yoga with greater emphasis on accuracy and longer endurance in precisely given series. It promotes concentration, tones muscles and significantly deepens the awareness of the whole body. It helps to focus better and creates self-esteem.